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tv   Watters World  FOX News  December 26, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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thanks tom, thanks joe kat and tyrus could i'm greg gutfeld and i love you america. here next y. happy new year, god bless. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. a complacent country. we live in an enormous country. the third largest in the world. we sit between two oceans and clock in with the third largest population. over 300 million people. not everything affects us the same way. those of us who live in texas process things differently than those who live in hawaii. but there are things that happen to all of us that should make us angry. but many americans just sit
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there and take it. why? this isn't who we are. it's not who our forefathers were. it's not the american spirit. china recklessly released the virus into america. they lied about it and cover it up and even blamed us for it. many people believe we should consider this an act of war. has china paid the price? have the people demanded our leaders do something about this? no. we are sitting here on our iphones made in china, ordering takeout because we are told we can't go out to dinner because of a virus also made in china. congress held a hearing or two and nothing happened. the media praised china for how it handled the pandemic. that's like praising an arsonist who set your house on fire. our politicians told us the same
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thing. what broke us out of the lockdown? it was the george floyd protests. there was no way the government could control thousands of people in the streets. americans ended shelter in place, not the government. then the protests morphed into riots. and local governments let your stores get looted. they didn't protect you when you need protection. what did they do? nothing much. the mccloskey's defended their home and they got indicted. most americans just stayed inside and watched it happened. statues of our founding fathers were tomorrowed bikini hateful bandits with purple hair while our politicians told the police to stand down.
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everything we take for gotted today desecrated by bandits in the night. ho-hum said americans. when business owners couldn't take it any more so they could put food on the table for their family. the speaker of the house forces a salon to open in san francisco while she strolls inside without a mask. gym owners, pub owners arrested, not a people. a few lockdown protests pop up here and there, but the media makes them out to be domestic terrorists. if the weatherman told you it would be sunny and every day it rained, would you still watch? no. but we still watch the fake news. collusion hoaxes, post office
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hoaxes, impeachment hoaxes, gang rape hoaxes. they told us the protests were mostly peaceful as fires burned building in the background. anonymous sources, the truth doesn't matter to these people anymore. but we are still squinting to see the truth in their lies and follow every head fake down a rabbit hole. would hundreds of eyewitnesses come forward and say they saw election fraud and poll watchers were kicked out of the poll rooms. a few brave fires are left out on the front lines, totally outgunned by their political enemies. people in your party you thought were in your fox hole went awol. after everything donald trump accomplished for the country and the republican party, the republican establishment went
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silent when we needed it the most. trump was there for you when you needed him. comey, barrett,. >, we are facing a sece and democrat lockdowns are punishing americans. congress cutting us $600 bucks before they went on vacation was a win. when companies were giving $1,000 bonuses for the tax cuts, nancy pelosi called that crumbs. politicians took your tax dollars while you are suffering during a pandemic and sent tens of millions of dollars to a
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pakistan slush fund. $10 million to pakistan for gender studies. $700 million to sudan. $300 million to caribbean countries to study how many fish are in the sea. $500 million to build a border wall between jordan and syria. didn't the democrats tell us walls don't work? $86 million to cambodia? how about we send that to the carolinas instead. $1.3 to egypt. they will use it to buy weapons from russia. the politicians are stealing our money and sending it to other countries. this doesn't make us safer. it's credit card therapy for guilty congressmen. rand paul tracked the waste this year and found stuff that's
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going to drive you craze i. $54 billion in waste. $1.3 million to study if americans are eat bugs. no. $2 million to study if going in a hot tub reduces stress. the answer is yes. $1 million to get people to get over their fear of going to the dentist. $150,000 on kenyan art classes. $37 million to get filipino students to stop playing hooky. $1.5 million to walk lizards on a treadmill. first it was shrimp, now it's lizards. $715 million for equipment that was lost training syrian rebels. $6 million to build a place to
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park a bike in d.c. $4.5 million to spray alcoholic grass with bobca -- with bobcat. there are hundreds of cham examples like this, nobody cares. it's so disrespectful. a million here, a billion there, while americans scrape by because politicians won't let them work. they close our restaurants and sneak out for a five-course meal while nobody is watching. pandemic, government shutdown. and they play chicken with each other and horse trade with our money. and at the last second in the dark of night, jam through a
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billion in pork for foreign nationals. nobody reads the bill. it's rushed through by lobbyists and special interests. it's a criminally corrupt practice. it happens every year. the politicians pass it. pass themselves on the back. then they go home and ask for your vote again. guess what? you vote for them again. you get the government you deserve. we elect these people and rarely demand change. and when they've sabotage a president who made change, we take it. we used to storm the capital
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over abuses of power like this. now we just raise the bridge. let's stand up to this den of thieves because they will just keep robbing us blind until we actually do something about it. joining me to react, founder and ceo of american majority, ned ryun, and charlie kirk, founder of "turning point usa." what do you think about that? >> i couldn't agree more. the tragedy of this. normal working people did the right thing in 2020 they listened to the public orders and the health officials. and the rich haven't ever been richer. middle income workers and people that have been across the
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country, they had a failure puckback against these stories. there are 34re7b9 plenty of stories of heroism, they were making examples of anyone who dare speaks out. 2021 should be a year of lifting up these heroes who pushed back. your monologue is spot on when it comes to what kind of country are we? we are no longer a country that's brave and wise. we are foolish and afraid. jesse: when heroes step forward and fight for their rights, they get demonized in the press. other people feel the same way, but they don't want to get doxxed. and the people who break the laws get bailed out of jail for
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looting, or the politicians break their own rules and then they get re-elected and their sally keeps pouring in. it's totally upside down. >> it's partly because the american people have completely lost site. all power is to flow from the people, but the american people have been abdicating their role in this. i would argue that a lot of our education has become indoctrination. the american people are not taught to think critically. they are not taught to question everything. it's far easier to sit there and listen to the experts. and the american people have to get back an understanding. this government either works for us with the consent of the conse consent of the governed or it
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doesn't. it starts with every individual understanding their natural inherent rights as an american and human being saying we are not going to put up with this, and begin pushing back in 2021. it starts with each of us in our community standing up and saying we are not going to be afraid anymore. jesse: no one is calling for violence. but these screwballs work for us. it's our mommy where we didn't make as much as we normally would. they are just sending it overseas, and you had the tea party, you had all these people come out and show up for trump. you had the million man march. the women's march. i don't know why they are not getting out on the streets when they see millions burned.
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>> it's more than protesting. how do you actually force accountability? the 2022 primaries are coming up at the state and local levels. it goes far beyond protesting. it's saying i am going to run for office and inform my fellow citizens. it's meaningful purposeful action. once we go to a protest we go home and actually do the things that's cause things to happen. jesse: it's the leg work that causes it to happen. >> i think citizens need to realize we are co-rulers of our country. we are co-rierls, we are not subjects. -- we are co-rulers, we are not subjects.
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through robber barons and taxation and deficit spending, they are leaving our country in a critical situation. jesse: amen to that. merry christmas, you guys. the georgia senate runoff races are around the corner and the fate of the senate is in the balance. lara trump is with us to tell us what's really on the line. is it do or die down in georgia? >> every one in georgia needs to take this very seriously. we have seen so many people coming out voting early in this runoff. what is at stake is who controls the senate. if chuck schumer gets control of the senate, he made it clear they want to abolish the
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electoral college. america will never be the same, they wanted to make d.c. and port are you koa states. they transto pack the court. tino we have seen that -- i know we have seen the clip of schumer saying first we take georgia, then we change america. we need to keep republicans? charge of the senate. it's absolutely vital right now. jesse: i don't want to pry into anyone's marriage. the only reason we are going to show this is because a police officer shows up and it's public record. raphael warnock's rife calls the -- wife calls the police. >> she is keeping her door open. i move and i close my car door,
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get in the car, and i start to move slowly thinking she is clear. that she is clear. i barely moved. all of a sudden she is screaming that it ran over her foot. i don't believe it. jesse: we also have his wife responding to that when he was out of the picture. let's roll that. >> the man is running for united states senate and all he cares about is his reputation. i work at the mayor's office and this is a big problem. i have tried to remain quiet about the way he is and the way he acts under wrap for a long time. he's a great actor. he's phenomenal at putting on a really good snow.
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jesse: i don't think we should judge the situation. but now it's a matter of public record. she seems to know him well. she is married to him. she believe he's not the man he says he is. how do you process that. >> she says he's a great actor. there are a lot of other reasons besides this video. there are lots of reasons not to vote for raphael warnock. he's on board with the changes chuck schumer wants to implement in the senate and therefore change america. while this video is something he probably never wanted to have out. people shouldn't vote for him if they love america and want to keep this country the greatest in the world. jesse: before i let you go, are
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you saying you will never run for senate in north carolina? is that what you are saying, you will never run? >> who said that. i never said never. city would love to represent my home state. and i think it's an incredible thing to be in these polls. there is a big decision at hand. and i haven't decided. i would love to do it but we'll see what happened. jesse: we'll see if you can get eric to move down there. you can play a lot of golf. merry christmas to you and your family. >> thank you, merry christmas. jesse: one-on-one with the st. louis husband charged for protecting his own home frororoo
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the usual gifts are just not going to cut it. we have to find something else. good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [ laughter ] that's it... i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [ laughing ] that works.
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jesse: this summer the mccloskys became one 69 most polarizing couple in the world doing what anyone would have done. remember the images of them holding guns as protesters were
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storming near their home. they became symbols of ordinary americans trying to defend themselves and their property against mob unrest. in july, the soros-backed prosecutor filed charges against them. they were indicted for unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with evidence. both pled not guilty. the missouri governor offered to pardon the mccloskey's if they are found guilty. a few weeks ago gardner was removed from the case saying campaign donations infringed on their right to have -- a fair trial. jesse: was there any reason
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given to remove the rifle from the home? >> i don't know the details about the criminal aspect of this, though i believe there is no criminal aspect of this. but i thinned the technicalities of missouri law they have to test fire the weigh upon and make sure it's a gun readily capable of being lethal. i am not a criminal lawyer, i don't know how it all works. i just know they delivered a warrant. the cops that showed up were very polite and kind of embarrassed to have to do their job. but they were doing their job. i handed them the rifle. made sure they cleared it so nobody would get hurt. jesse: how is your wife doing. she looks pretty scared. is she all right? >> she is okay.
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she found it very stressful, and she is dealing with it. she is a strong woman. i was surprised to see her out there facing off that crowd. i grabbed my rifle. i was standing up on the porch and all of a sudden i see her in the front yard with that pistol in her hand. she had gone inside to call 911. then as she saw the crowd in the front yard she grabbed her pistol and rent out into the crowd. what a woman. >> the da is soros funded. i don't think the voters will reward her. but what do i know about st. louis. is the st. louis media fair to you? are they telling the truth about this story? >> the st. louis media has been
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slandering and maligning us. they went so far as to publish a birthday card my father wrote to me in 1976. then there was an editorial saying i'm a despicable person and everybody should dislike me. but that's not against the law. tim guard they are can do better than wasting her time prosecuting this despicable human being. jesse: the founding fathers wrote the bill of rights to protect you against government officials like kim gardner. officials like kim gardner. the latest on the cases that just between us, you know what's better than mopping?
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"watters' world." [♪] jesse: "watters' world" has been covering the jeffrey epstein case since his arrest and death in 018. former president bill clinton was spotted on pedophile island
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in the company of two underaged girls. recently clinton's former bodyguard who worked for clinton for 30 years confirmed our story to "vanity fair," that clinton spent time on epstein's island in twin 2003 and 2006. a guest told "watters' world" that bill clinton was also having an affair with epstein's alleged accomplice and long time madame, ghislaine maxwell, and he had traveled on epstein's plane at least two dozen times. investigators say she was crucial in the torture epstein inflicted on countless girls. maxwell would lure the underaged
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some pofer stricken girls in, offering them piles of cash in exchange for ma san antonios for epstein. some of the girls were held against their will. maxwell went to living in lavish mansions to a jail cell. she pled guilty to perjury for having denied involvement. she plead with the judge to take $30 million in cash so she can remain out of jail. i spoke to an investigator who was represented by an attorney who represents some of the victims. the miami detective was able to speak with epstein's former pilot. one of whom detailed epstein's
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involvement with clinton. >> when you wear tasked to look into epstein. you interviewed some of his private pilots. what did you find? >> that was the most interesting part. the first pilot, his most dedicated pilot wouldn't talk to us. we knew he wouldn't because he's basically in cahoots with jeffrey. but we were able to find his co-pilots. i will never forget sitting in this guy's living room in florida talking to him, and he said i can't tell you anything, i want to, but i can't. i look of over his shoulder and i see a picture of him and his three daughters. i said look at your daughters. she could have been victims. the guy started tearing up and he started talking. he said i flew the plane, i flew
11:36 pm
it all over the world. but i was never allowed to leave the cockpit. i knew there were bedrooms back there. i knew there were girls on the plane that shouldn't have been there. he said he couldn't leave the cockpit, he would get fired. he told me the stewardesses on the plane would be very young girls. he couldn't tell me if they were 15, 16, 17, 18. but very young. definitely 23409 over 18. jesse: bill clinton was on those flights? >> numerous times. >> he would describe them as candy stripers. jesse: you are saying on the flights bill clinton was on with jeffrey epstein, the stewardess or stewardesses were dressed as candy stripers?
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>> correct. jesse: in the back of the plane? >> beds, bedrooms. jesse: was secret service there? or was hillary there? there was 26 flights apparently. >> hillary never flew on the plane that we know of. she was never recorded going on the plane and no one saw her on the plane. there were occasions where there was no secret service listed as going on the flights with him. jesse: you also know about this little black book that had all the contacts of epstein. and that was used as leverage for a payoff by one of his work were at his estate. did you get a look at the black book? how did that come out? >> myself and bret edwards got a
11:38 pm
phone call from alfredo rodriguez who was the caretaker and butler at the mansion. and he called up and said i have got something i want to show you. it will below your case out of the water. it will reveal everything jeffrey is doing with underaged girls and you will be able to put him in prison for life. we wanted this book more than everything. but he wanted $50,000 for the book. he said after i give you this, i have to flee. we couldn't pay him. after that failed we contacted the fbi. we did a sting. we went in and pretend we were going to buy the book. he delivered it to us and that's how we got the journal. jesse: the guy who tried to set this deal up with the black book
11:39 pm
is dead. >> he's dead, and he did more time in jail for giving us the evidence of this guy's pedophile empire that jeffrey did in jail for sexually assaulting over 100 underaged girls. jesse: great job. on deck, nfl hall of famer mike
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jesse: remember when sports was about watching a good game? that changed this year. not just because of the coronavirus. but in the wake of george floyd's death protests spilled
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into the sports. the washington nationals and new york jks yankees kneeled after the anthem began. i talked to hall of fair and impartial and chicago bears legend mike ditka about his message to all the anthem kneelers. >> if anybody kneeled during the anthem, what would you do? >> they wouldn't have played for us. it's that simple. jesse: you would just rip them off the field? >> i would bench them. that's it. until they found that it was honorable to respect the country -- this country has given them an opportunity to become millionaires. you understand what i'm saying?
11:45 pm
you can't play american football in peru or england. american football can only be played in america. and you make a lot of money doing it. enjoy the, respect it, but don't act like a clown. jesse: a lot of people agree with you. a lot of countries too. jesse: other countries don't disrespect their anthem. those european countries have done a lot worse things than the united states. why do you think in the united states this happens? >> i don't know, i really don't know. i don't understand. when i grew up in a comungtd that was at -- in a community that was at least 50% black and 50% white. and we didn't have any problems. i played football my whole life and we had more black football
11:46 pm
players on the team than white. it wasn't about the color of the player's skin, it was about what he contribute to the game. jesse: i don't get it, i don't think the rest of the country gets it. we speak with a man who believes the human race should become extincncncncnc
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>> fire and brimstone coming down from the sky. rivers and seas boiling. >> human sacrifice. dogs and cats living together. mass hysteria. jesse: one thing we know for sure, many out there believe climate change will bring the world to an end sooner or later. but one man takes it way more seriously than others and believes there is only one way we can save it. by letting the human race become extinct. i spoke with the founder of the voluntary extinction movement
11:51 pm
earlier. take a listen to what he had to say. shouldn't you just kill yourself and that's how you get this earth saving thing done? >> well, you know, that's the first thing people think. why don't you just kill yourself. death has never i am proved human population pressures. we are inviting people to think about they pro create. jesse: if you don't want anybody having babies? >> they are only babies for a little while. they grow into adults in a short time. jesse: i'm aware of that process. do you have siblings? >> i have 7.7 billion siblings. >> in your family, do you have brothers and sisters? >> sure. jesse: would you have preferred that your parents not have your
11:52 pm
brothers and sisters? >> it's a little late now. jesse: would you prefer you not have a brother or sister and you are an only child? >> i'm grateful that my dad got a vasectomy so we wouldn't have more. jesse: do you have a vasectomy? >> i do. snip snip. jesse: you believe that let's just say for instance if someone has a sickness, someone is not feeling well, do you think we should save them and give them medical attention or just let them go. >> no. death isn't going to solve the problem. we are increasing by a quarter million a day. that's more people would have to die every day just to hold things steady.
11:53 pm
death is not going to do the job. jesse: if you don't want anyone to pro create who is going to take care of the told people? >> that's a good question. jesse: no one will be able to wheel you around in a wheelchair and help you eat or tuck you into bed. is that the goal? >> that could be a consequence. but i don't think so. we will have prepared ourselves very well. we probably have robots that could change our catheters. jesse: i don't know, that sounds like a short-circuit to me. i don't know what to make of this. i can't tell if this is a governor and if i'm getting punked. i love you, man, have a great life. jesse: up next, "last call." the real reason behind the
11:54 pm
season. jesse: the christmas reef itself, what country did it originate in? >> i believe it was in russia.
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jesse: christmas may be over, but "watters' world" is the gift that keeps on giving. let's take a look back when i hit the streets when i asked people about they know the real reason for the season. christmas season is upon us. where was jesus born? >> somewhere in jerusalem i believe. wow wow wow europe? jesse: where was jesus born? >> bethlehem. jesse: the three wisemen brought gifts for the jesus baby. what were they?
11:59 pm
>> a robe and some bread. >> man, i haven't been to sunday school in years. >> frankincense and myrrh. >> what was jesus' profession. >> he was a carpenter. jesse: the christmas tree, what country did it originate in? >> i believe it was in russia. >> buffalo? >> buffalo is a city. >> sweden maybe? >> norway? jesse: closer. >> finland? >> i believe it was germany. jesse: do you know who i am? >> no. jesse: i'm watters and this is my world.
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"justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ [♪] judge jeanine: helene welcome to justice. thanks so much for being with us. myng opening statement is momens away. but first let's get the latest on that investigation that shattered the christmas season quiet in nashville. police have been gathering clues in the home of a person of interest. we are also learning tonight about the heroic nashville cops who risked their lives to save civilians before the bomb went off. joining me is sergeant james


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